October 20, 2020, Caesars Windsor Hotel, Windsor

The EDI Advantage: Unlocking the Potential of Southwestern Ontario #EDIAdvantage

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About EDI Forum?

Held in November 2019, OSPE’s EDI Imperative: Changing the Profile of STEAM in Canada built on the success of our 2018 It’s Time We Act and 2019’s It’s Time We Build forums, by using a broader diversity and inclusion lens. In 2020, OSPE will continue to guide the movement toward diverse and inclusive workplaces in the STEAM sector with The EDI Advantage: Unlocking the Potential of Southwestern Ontario. 

The profound social, economic, and technological shift the Ontario economy is experiencing creates new demands and expectations from the labour force. In an increasingly competitive global market, Southwestern Ontario is uniquely positioned, geographically, demographically, and economically, to capitalize on this shift. However, economic growth depends on talent and human capital.  

With 25 percent of the Windsor area population identifying as immigrants, diversity has become a defining characteristic of this labour force. To fully tap this potential, organizations must focus on creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. Members of equity seeking groups continue to face significant barriers to enter and progress within the STEAM sector. The cost of failure to fully realize the potential of immigrants, women, and other equity seeking groups, in the workplace is significant. It reflects untapped economic opportunities that quickly tally up to billions in lost wages, productivity and output. 

Innovation and competitiveness are the results of organizations that promote diversity and foster inclusion. Strategic sectors of the economy, such as advanced manufacturing, agri-business and nutraceuticals, logistics and warehousing, and creative industries, depend on our ability to work together to foster new ideas, recruit new talent, and leverage new skills. As markets transform, Southwestern Ontario cannot fail to realize the untapped potential of the labour market at its doorstep. 

The Diversity and Inclusion advantage is simple. Diversity and Inclusion leads to more talent, more innovation, more competitiveness, and more growth.

Who can attend?

This event will be open to all government entities, industry and academia, and it will attract engineering, STEAM, Human Resources and Diversity professionals.

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Pricing and Registration

Please contact Jason Di Tommaso for Table for 8.

This one-day event includes Continental Breakfast, Plated Lunch, Networking Breaks and Reception. 

OSPE Members

$249/per ticket


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OSPE Student Members

$99/per ticket


Email Jason for Tables of 8:
Jason Di Tommaso, 
Strategic Partners


Marianne So, Specialist Community Engagement & Events
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Event Inquiries

Andrea Carmona, 
Lead, Policy & Government Relations
416.223.9961 ext. 243

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This year, over 500 attendees – from the engineering community and beyond – will gather to learn, network, and brainstorm together.